“Odinism is an ancient religion that acknowledges the gods by fostering thought, courage, honor, light, and beauty.  Older than history, Odinism is all that was called wisdom when the world was new and fresh.”


"...when the gods made man, they made a weapon."


"And a godlike man--a man who is pure force--inaccessible to any compromise--is called a hero."


"In any combat, the hero is the one who renounces advantages."


"Most mortals can wish--only extraordinary mortals can will."


"A man without gods has a desert in his heart."


"Omnipotence is humbuggery.  In this universe of hazard and adventure, the gods implement their wills through struggle-not fiat."


"Beware of gods who cannot laugh."


"In the eyes of gods, there are no chosen peoples and no master races."


"Magic is the technology of gods."


"...if you knew the secret of the runes, the knowledge would surprise and terrify."


"Mysteries should not be explained--they should be experienced.   That is the way of Odin."


"The future will be a return to the past."


" When the world is pregnant with lies, a secret long hidden will be revealed."



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